Eggs pack a serious nutritional punch, are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Here are 5 reasons why we love eggs.

Nutritionally rich

It’s always best to opt for free-range, hormone-free eggs. Studies have shown that free-range eggs have higher amounts of beta-carotene, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are vital to heart and brain health while beta-carotene plays a role in helping to prevent cancer. When compared to commercially farmed eggs, you’ll find that the free-range eggs are much richer with a darker yolk. This is because free-range hens are left to forage around and eat what they find, which means their diet is varied, natural and contains trace elements and micro-nutrients found in soil.


Eggs are super versatile and really quick to cook. Although poaching is probably the most finnicky way to cook eggs, it changes the flavour the least. If you’re not confident about poaching eggs, you can opt to use a store-bought egg poacher instead of doing it the traditional way. Eggs make a quick and nutritious meal and when combined with avocado, provide a big dose of healthy fats. And what’s better than eggs and avocado on toast?

Store well

If stored in a fridge at the correct temperature, eggs can last up to a month or more. Clever practice is to note when you got your eggs and keep in mind when using them after that date. If you want to test whether an egg is safe to use or not, you can try this clever tip:

  1. Pour water into a clear glass (roughly 250 -300 ml).
  2. Gently place the egg into the glass.
  3. If the egg floats to the top, it is not fresh and should be thrown away. If the egg sinks to the bottom, then it is still safe to consume.
  4. Rather than discarding the water from step 1, use it to water outdoor plants and pour into your toilet cistern. That way you’ll be wasting far less water.

Rather than throwing out old eggs, you can mash the eggs into soil for composting. Egg shells are also fantastic for adding nutrients to flower beds, all you have to do is crush them up and sprinkle them in the bed.


Eggs are fairly cheap to buy and can be turned into hearty meals. A lentil Bobootie is a cheap and easy vegetarian meal to make, and the egg custard topping is rich, warming, and healthy. Eggs also add richness to sauces and pastas. If you want to make a sponge cake even more fluffy, add an extra egg yolk to the batter.

Eggs really do give you great bang for your buck!

Available at our estate

At Elaleni Lifestyle Estate, you can collect your quota of free-range eggs from the estate Packhouse at no extra cost to you. By being part of Elaleni you’ll know that your eggs are as healthy as can be because they come from happy, free-range hens who spend their days foraging around for food, the way nature intended.

As an edible estate, residents can enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables, coffee, and eggs from the estate Packhouse whenever they like. By living in an edible estate, you are part of a global movement which aims to connect us to our food and remind us that what we eat affects our health.